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W Granowski produces both standard and custom-built air blast and  airless shot or grit blasting and peening machines to prepare the surface of your product whatever the size, shape, or condition. 

We also produce a range of robust hot wash degreasers for cleaning oily and contaminated products large and small.

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Our Flagship Range


The W Granowski flagship range of surface preparation and finishing machinery design comprises custom built blast and degreasing systems; a tailor made solution to suit individual need. Each machine is designed to provide an ideal process for a unique cleaning or finishing application.


The WG range of machines will suit any application or component; from deburring and descaling, polishing and etching, to peening and degreasing. Standard equipment includes but is not limited to

  • Tumbleblast - from 30L capacity

  • Rotary barrel - from 42L

  • Rotary table - from 600mm diameter

  • Concrete slab etch - horizontal or vertical

  • Section cleaner - stand alone or transportable

  • Continuous or in-line monorail blast machine

  • Plate and section cleaner

  • Wet airblast with optional roll-in roll-out table

  • Dry airblast cabinets

  • Spinner hanger

  • Continuous roller conveyor

  • Internal void peening 

  • Spring peening

  • Pipe cleaning

  • Car-room type blast machine

  • Cathode and anode blast machine

  • Hot wash degreaser - from 900mm diameter basket


Producing Granowski machines is a team effort, starting from point of call and ending with finished product.

  • Our experienced Sales staff will work with each customer to form a brief of specification.

  • The brief is discussed with the Engineering Department and a solution to achieve the desired finish is developed.

  • On project approval, the Engineering Department will configure the machine to suit or design to fulfill specification.

  • Our highly skilled Manufacturing Team will build to the design.

  • Each machine is rigorously tested and our Service Department will install and commission the machine, training end-user staff on machine safety and operation.


W Granowski can supply a stand alone system or a machine that can be incorporated into an existing assembly line. The benefit of in-house design is the professional interaction we can offer our customers. If there is an existing in-line process such as overhead rail system or automated feeding hopper or there is a process or footprint constraint, our Engineering Department can work with you to fit the new blast or degreasing system snugly with yours.


The Manufacturing Team can produce any type of machine, from a standard hot wash unit through to a 17 tonne Aluminium Anode Butt cleaner, on time and within budget. If you have a component with unique surface preparation or finishing requirement, W Granowski will design the ideal machine to clean, finish or peen it. No job is too big or too small, no component is too difficult to process or application impossible to achieve: the Granowski Team strives to get the finish you need.


W Granowski is Australia's foremost expert in surface preparation technologies, supplying abrasive blast equipment, parts and consumables, and degreasing equipment to suit a wide range of industrial applications.  


Our machines are designed and manufactured in our Melbourne facility and comply with all Australian design and safety standards. Our experience sets us apart. Since 1928, W Granowski has manufactured thousands of machines, across all industry segments, for both the domestic and overseas markets. 

Air Blast


Granowski wetblast cabinets are fabricated from stainless steel and can be supplied with options such as a roll-in roll-out table. Paired with glass bead, this equipment is ideal for polishing out CNC marks from aluminium parts as a pre-anodising treatment.

Our specialty is custom built equipment. We can adapt or remodel a standard machine – adding detergent and a robust filtration system will convert a standard wetblast to an effective cleaning system for greasy and heat scored parts such as dies. 


We can design and manufacture for special purpose – such as a fully automated dryblast machine to treat carbon fibre before coating.


Typical Applications:

  • Cleaning

  • Corrosion removal

  • Deburring and deflashing

  • Mould and die cleaning

  • Paint stripping

  • Rust and heat scale removal

  • Peening

  • Surface texturing (e.g. etching / frosting glass)

  • Surface preparation (e.g. polishing machining marks from aluminium parts)


Airless (Wheel or Turbine) Blasting

As the foremost expert in airless shot blast or grit blast surface preparation in Australia, W Granowski has an extensive range of airless blast machine designs to suit processing product of any size or shape. Whether the environment is high volume mass production or low volume jobbing-shop, we work with each customer to identify the best solution to suit their application.


Our trademark robust build and machine reliability has been key to success for over 92 years. Granowski wheel blast equipment is designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. Careful selection of materials ensures you get the most out of all wear parts, and our long life wheels, blades and liners have been configured for ease of replacement. Whether you need a wheel to "up-blast", down blast or side blast we will ensure full coverage through considered selection of motor size, wheel size and type, and control cage shape.

Our specialty is custom built equipment. We can adapt or remodel a standard machine – or build to suit a specific requirement or fit a specific footprint. Constraints are a driver of innovation. In conjunction with a customer, we have re-modelled a standard section cleaner to fit into a 40' container, making the equipment fully self contained and portable.

Typical Applications:
• Rust / Corrosion Removal

• Concrete Texturing

• Coating Removal

• Deburring & deflashing

• Descaling/Mill Scale Removal

• Surface Etching / Profiling

• General Steel Preparation

• Peening

Degreasing Equipment

Parts require degreasing prior to blasting. To this end, W Granowski offers a stable of standard hot wash degreasing units; constructed from stainless steel and fully insulated with robust baskets ranging in size from 900mm diameter to 1350mm. These hot wash units can be adapted to process both small and large parts in a single wash, and can be rated for use in explosive atmospheres.

Custom design or variation includes reinforced super-robust stainless steel "spider-web" basket, remote actuation, continuous wheel-set and bogey wash machines.